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A drum is a most popular musical instrument in the Western culture that belongs to the family of percussion-based instruments. A drum has at least one membrane or drumhead that a player struck with a stick. The player uses his hands to directly strike the drum to produce a sound. Under the drum, there is a resonance head that is tuned to a lower pitch. Drums can be played by individuals either individually or in a group; however, the typical design of a drum has remained the same over the past thousand years.

Drums are also played with cymbals that are extra drums in a drum set. A variety of wooden sticks are used by the players to strike the drum set with or without padding. However, in addition to wooden sticks, brushes are also used by jazz drummers to produce a softer sound.

Sound and Construction

Drums have always been symbolic in many cultures and religions. Drums are also used to heal people with musical therapy. In the ancient times before the advent of tension rods, drums were tune with ropes. Ropes are extinct in modern drums. A drummer can easily produce several sounds depending on the construction and shape of drums. For instance, a jazz drummer often plays high-pitched drums. The sound of a drum is mostly determined by a drum head. The sound vibrates inside the drum shell; the shell with a greater diameter produces louder sound.


Drums have been played in ancient cultures in the period between 5500-2350 BC. Neolithic culture of China used drums significantly in their religious ceremonies. In ancient Africa, drums were used as talking objects to communicate with the community. In modern and ancient art, drums have been a symbol of expression and emotion. For entertainment purposes, many cultures used drums in various events. However, drums have been powerful instruments in spiritual settings as well.

During the 1684 BC war, Chinese troops also used drums to boost the morale of soldiers. To this day, drums are still used by the armed forces of many countries to represent pride and motivation.

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