Tunabla Bodhrans

Are you a passionate drummer? Do you love playing classical Irish music in Berlin or anywhere in Germany? We can give you the most desirable tunabla bodhrans to play like Irish musicians of the past. They are unlike anything fancy drums of today; our wide range of tunabla bodhrans are just the Bodhran you are looking for to become a savvy musician. It produces a deep resonance-like bass sound. It gives you a loud thunderous sound that touches your soul.

No matter if you are starting as a beginner musician or started your musical career 20 years ago, you can benefit from our tunable bodhrans that are good for all musicians and students wanting to do something special. They are not troublesome instruments we make them perfect for you to handle them easily. We encourage you to make a purchase and dive into an ocean of success with Musikhaus Prince Products.

With Musikhaus Prince, you can get the most sought after tunabla bodhrans. Visit our online store today at https://www.musikhausprince.de/ to get the best prices in Germany. We have the perfect collection of tunabla bodhrans:

  • 14” tunable bodhrans
  • 16” tunable bodhrans
  • 18” tunable bodhrans

Each tunable Bodhran has its own story to tell with a great sound and quality. Limited stock is available for music lovers who want to relive the experience of Irish bodhrans.