Frame Drums / Shaman Drum

Frame Drums / Sharman Drum

A frame drum as the name suggests belong to the category of percussions/drums family. It comes with a drumhead whose depth is smaller than its width. The instrument has been the most phenomenal instrument of all ancient drums. Frame drum was the first type of drum developed in the world of music that had a single drumhead and other hand-crafted materials.

The drumhead is stretched over a round wooden frame that is known as shell. The shell portion is typically constructed with rosewood, ash, or an oak. The most popular use of frame drums in the history has been played in ceremonies. The researchers also reveal that most women started playing the frame drums in ancient times, proceeded by men.

Types of Frame Drums

There are a multitude of types of frame drums played in various parts of the world through the past few centuries.

  • Adduce played in Portugal
  • Bendir played in Turkey
  • Bodhran drum played in Ireland
  • Buben, popular in Russia
  • Daf played in Iran, Middle East,and Turkey)
  • Dob played in Hungary
  • Doyra popular in Uzbekistan
  • Gumble in Sierra Leone
  • Kanjira in India
  • Mazha in Egypt
  • Parai in Sri Lanka
  • Riddle Drum in England
  • And Tambourine in America and Europe

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