Percussion Instrument for Sale

Percussion is a well-known musical instrument that belongs to drums family; however, it is not exactly like a Native American drum. A player can strike the percussion with the help of a beater or use his hands to strike the percussion. Percussion is also remembered as the oldest musical instrument on the planet. It is a vital element of an orchestra in which different types of percussions are played:

  • Timpani
  • Snare drum
  • Bass drum
  • Cymbal
  • Tambourine

All the above-stated instruments belong to a percussion family. Many people confuse keyboard instruments as being a part of percussions, however, xylophone is considered as a percussion instrument that does not include piano.

Percussions are typically of two types:

  • Unhitched percussion
  • Pitched percussion

The function of percussion is to produce a special harmony or melody that other drums or keyboard instruments cannot produce by striking keys. The percussion players work closely with bass players. In the rhythm section of a musical ensemble, a guitar, drum, bass, and piano are an integral part. Most classical patterns of Mozart and Haydn emphasize more on strings. However, percussion plays a pivotal role in any formation or style of music.

For instance, in military marching, in addition to drums and flutes, percussion is the best instrument that boosts the morale of soldiers. Percussions possess a high diversity as an instrument that is included in hip hop, rock, rap, funk, and even soul music. It provides a beautiful blend of melody, harmony, and rhythm.

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