Guitar for sale Germany

Baroque guitar

The Baroque guitar is a musical instrument that also uses strings as its main elements with 5 courses of strings and movable frets. Sometimes, only a single string is used by the player that is pitched first. This instrument was a replacement of Renaissance lute in the 1500s. Some historians believe that this guitar was not a standalone instrument and some say it was used as an independent instrument.

Acoustic Guitars

Acoustic Guitar is a favorite instrument of many beginners learning to play and master 6 stringed instruments belonging to the category of guitar family. The great thing about guitar is that its strings vibrate to produce a unique sound via resonant wooden sound board. Sound waves move through the air and produce a sound only acoustic guitar can produce. An acoustic guitar is different from an electric guitar that does not depend on electronic amplification of sound to sound more electric.

Bass Guitar

Bass guitar is also a member of electric guitar family simply known as bass. The plucked stringed guitar resembles with an acoustic or electric guitar in shape and construction. However, the length of bass guitar’s neck is longer than an acoustic guitar. It is mandatory to have six strings; bass guitar typically comes with 4 strings and is played by musicians and enthusiasts since the 1950s.

Weissenborn Guitars

Weissenborn is another stringed instrument that belongs to the family of guitars. This different type of lap slide guitar was developed first by Hermann Weissenborn during the 1920s and 1930s. This is an instrument that first took flight from Los Angeles, United States and is another highly sought-after instrument nowadays. It has a highly adaptable wooden body; however, the wooden chamber makes it impossible to play it like a conventional guitar.

Roman Guitars

The culture of ancient Rome has a perfect blend of musical instruments and styles such as Roman Guitars. In addition to lute that was the most popular instrument for Romans, long-necked guitar shaped instruments also survived the test of time.

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