Irish Harps

Irish Harps Instrument

The Irish harp is one of the oldest and popular stringed musical instruments. The instrument has a unique construction with strings at an angle to its soundboard. The strings are plucked with fingers. The history of the Irish harp instrument goes back to ancient Asia, Europe, and Africa. The instrument was first used in 3000 BCE. In the middle ages, the harp gained immense popularity in Europe when a lot of variants were developed. The instrument also gained popularity in Latin America in the Renaissance period.

Harp instrument is still played in Africa and Asia in many countries in a modern form. Globally, the instrument has many variations. For example, different variants of harps use strings made of nylon or their combination. Modern harp is different in technique. Pedal harp is another stringed instrument played in Orchestra since the 19th century. In this modern era of musical revolution, a family of mid-sized harps is played that contains nylon strings plucked with fingers. These Irish harps instrument resemble with historical harps played in Europe such as Celtic Harps.

The modern Irish harp instrument is played with a number of variants such as:

In most Asian villages and modern cities, Celtic harp is the most popular stringed instrument in addition to Banjo and Tabla. The modern Celtic harp has arrived from Dublin, Ireland. John Egan introduced a new kind of harp in Dublin in the late 1800s. However, Alan Stivell was the most influential Celtic harp player who had a great influence of modern players.

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