Renaissance Lute

Renaissance Lute Instrument for Sale:

A renaissance lute is a lute that contains a deep rounded back and has a pair of strings to produce sound. The Renaissance lute has 15 strings that hold an important place in the ancient folk music. The renaissance lute is decorated at the ends of the lute bridge that is vital to its popularity. The lute produces a bright and fantastic sound played by any individual who loves ancient music tunes of the renaissance era. Infect, Renaissance lute is such a popular instrument in Germany and Sweden that you will find it in many historical music shops.

Many European musicians have made a spectacular record by playing renaissance lute all around the world. It looks much like an old guitar that has an oval body and a smooth front surface. Musikhaus is the leading name in Berlin, Germany that offers customers that best prices of renaissance lute. On our online musical store, you can browse the ‘strings’ category by vesting and easily select your favorite renaissance lute or any other lute to boost your musical career.

Musikhaus Prince is the most affordable online platform for passionate customers who love to cherish the memories of renaissance era. We offer the guarantee of quality lute instruments and hope you will feel amazing after playing them in events and festivals.

The 6 course renaissance lute offered by Musikhaus Prince offers the following shapes and colors of renaissance lute:

  • Renaissance lute deluxe 6 course walnut
  • Renaissance lute deluxe 6 course left maple
  • Renaissance lute deluxe 6 course maple
  • Renaissance lute deluxe 6 course left hand walnut
  • Renaissance lute 6 course variegated maple walnut
  • Renaissance lute 6 course variegated maple ebony

All these renaissance lutes are built with the best quality wood and strings to make you a great musician. The body of the lute has 25 solid walnut staves. The neck is also manufactured with walnut, while the fingerboard and pegs are created from ebony wood. The best quality nylon strings are combining with rectified nylon strings to produce an epic sound. We also provide our valued customers an extra case and a free set of strings to replace in case of breakage. Finally, the lute can be tuned easily from high to low using G, F, C, and D chords.

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