Baroque Ukulele

Baroque Ukulele

Baroque Ukulele is another popular instrument in Germany that has a round guitar-like design. These Ukuleles are unique due to their construction and beautiful appeal to young players in Berlin and Germany-wide. These Baroque Ukuleles are usually made in 3 sizes to suit the needs of diverse music lovers:

  • Tenor Ukulele
  • Concert Ukulele
  • Baritone Ukulele

Each type of this fabulous classical instrument has its own grace and a unique rosette design. Each of these Ukuleles is developed by Musikhaus Prince to allow you to re-live the legacy of 16th and 17th century baroque. These instruments are available in 3 types of woods including:

  • Sheesham
  • Lacewood
  • Sheesham and Lacewood staves

Most of the features of these beautiful Ukulele designs are based on the 17th century lute. The modern classical player of this instrument Tony Mizen has encouraged manufacturers to create more spectacular pieces from the Baroque era.

Visit Musikhaus Prince Web platform to select from an ample range of highest quality Baroque Ukulele. The following items can go out of stock any time:

  • 4 string Baroque Ukulele Walnut
  • 4 strings variegated walnut and lacewood
  • 4 strings soprano walnut
  • 4 strings soprano variegated walnut and lacewood
  • 4 strings concert walnut
  • 4 strings concert variegated walnut and lacewood
  • And many more

You can choose heartland baroque ukuleles in 4 different sizes such as concert, tenor, baritone, or soprano. The European style soundboard is made from perfect walnut staves. The neck reminds you of the 16th century Ukuleles with a solid walnut construction for perfect playing pleasure.

Based on the guitars found in Germany in the 21st century, the round back ukuleles provide one of the richest features. They are suitable for both finger-styled and classic music lovers and enthusiasts. Get your free nylon case and extra strings when you order each stringed Ukulele from Musikhaus Prince.