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Mandolin for Sale

A Mandolin belongs to lute’s family of musical instruments played by plucking strings. Mandolin strings are plucked with the help of a plectrum. The instrument contains four courses metal strings; although, 8 and 10 strings versions are also created. Mandolin has many styles:

  • Neapolitanmandolin
  • Archtopmandolin
  • The flat-backed

Each of these styles of Mandolin has a unique sound and can be used in various musical concerts and genres. For example, In European classical music, Neapolitan mandolin is used extensively. However, American folk festivals often utilize Archtop mandolin instruments.

The most important part of Mandolin’s body is the sound board at the top. The historical instruments were plucked with fingers and less loud. Whereas, the modern-styled instruments are launder and use metal strings with a more powerful soundboard.

The history of Mandolins goes back to 17th and 18th century. The instrument evolved from lute family in European region such as Italy. Other European variants also exist for Mandolin such as Lombardic and Neapolitan mandolin. However, the most popular mandolin style that gained popularity worldwide is Neopolitan mandolin,

Other variations of mandolin exist such as:

  • Bowlback mandolin
  • Neapolitan mandolin
  • Milanese mandolin
  • Cremonese mandolin
  • Brescian mandolin
  • Genoese mandolin

Musicians use mandolin to play various types of music. Because of its similarity to violin, European continent’s traditional players used it in mandolin orchestras in Germany. The popularity of this stringed instrument also spread in Japan and America in the 20th century.

Beautiful Mandolin in Germany and Europe

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Variety of Mandolin for Sale for Every Preference

Musikhaus Prince offers a wide range of Mandolin for sale in Europe. We have the finest Mahogany wood mandolins available handcrafted to perfection for your preference. We also have the leading octave mandolin for players who prefer that shape. Different colours, designs, finishes and playing preferences are available. Tune your mandolin exactly to your playing preference. It will not only provide great music for every occasion but will also make you look attractive when you need. Call us today or book your mandolin here on the website to get it any time you need.

Even though the “mandolin craze” weakened in the 1930s, in American country niche, mandolin found a new birth. The modern mandolin along with violin and baroque has raised awareness of generation X and Z in the traditional music. Mandolin players also get significant media attention with players like Israel Avi and Joseph Brent.

Musikhaus Berlin, Germany offers a top-notch mandolin range to meet the needs of students, starters, and established professionals. You can enhance your performance level significantly and multiply your success by benefitting from our highest-quality mandolin instruments. Our mandolin has glossy chrome finish that ensures your musical success in Germany and Europe-wide.

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