Violin Instrument for Sale

A violin is a popular musical instrument that contains strings and belongs to the family of fiddle. Violins are mostly created with a hollow body. Even though it has a smaller size, it has the highest pitch. The instrument has typically 4 strings and is not played by plucking the strings. Instead, a bow is used across the strings to play a violin. Violins are important musical instruments in any era played by musicians of wide genres, In the Western classical tradition; it is being played as a solo instrument as well as an integral part of an orchestra.

Violins have always been popular in many eras of folk music. A violin player has always made a name in:

  • Jazz music
  • Country music
  • Blues
  • Bluegrass music
  • Rock music
  • Jazz fusion

The sound of a violin can be amplified with speakers. Violins have also been played in non-Western cultures such as Indian culture and Iranian music. In the 16th century, violin was first developed by Italian musicians. It was further evolved and modified in the 18th century. In the 19th century, violins were made to produce a powerful sound in Europe. It served as a vital instrument in Europe to form the foundation of stringed instruments.

The history of violin goes back to 1500s. The fiddle or violin was first used in English people in the 14th century. The old German fidula or Dutch vedele were popular instruments of the 14th century. In the same century, the school of Brescia began to help people become active violin learners. Later, in 1530, the Micheli family actively played violin till 1615. In Western classical culture, a violin was also called viola. As far as its construction is concerned, violins have wooden structures and can be strung with gut or steel strings. An individual who repairs or crafts a violin is called a luthier (violinmaker).

The 18th century violin showed significant changes with the angle of the neck and a heavier bass bar. To this day, 18th century is remembered as the golden age of violin. The distinctive character of violin is the arching of its top. The sound of a violin depends on its shape. The ancient strings were constructed with sheep gut. In the 20th century, strings were created from steel. Modern violin strings are also made of solid strings plated with silver. However, these strings have limited lifetime. Modern players in Berlin, Germany like Anne-Sophie often change strings when they feel they are producing less phenomenal sound.

The violin has been played by many old and new players while sitting or standing up. Solo players like to play a violin by standing up straight. However, most orchestra players play violins while seated. The best way to hold and play a violin is with the left side of jaw that rests on violin’s chinrest.

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