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Flat round piece of goatskin. Thin = approximately 0.01 of an inch or 3-4 sheets of printer paper Medium = approximately 0.015 of an inch or 4-5 sheets of printer paper Thick = approximately 0.02 of an inch or 5-6 sheets of printer paper Our goat skins ( Drum Heads ) are available in many sizes Suitable for frame, bodhran, tabor and Other etnical percussion instruments. A warm deep sound combined with a smooth texture, makes our skins the first choice of leading percussion manufacturers and players. Its Always handy to have a spare skin, as sometimes good quality skins like these are hard to source.. It can be easily use, just dump it in water and fix it. The size of goat skin fits better to 2 inches small sized drum. Example If buyer purchases 10 inches goat skin it will work best for 8" drum.

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