Himalaya Salzlampe Diamantförmiges Mini Nachtlicht


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  • PURE HIMALAYAN SALT: 100% authentic Himalayan rock salt lamp Night light in a natural form, hand-mined in the Himalayan mountains. Each salt lamp is a piece of a natural rock formation and is unique in its pattern, color, shape and weight. Salt Rock offers you natural pink light for the bedroom, loaded with powerful minerals and free from toxins. Our Himalayan salt lamp is safe to use in children’s rooms and with children.
  • Illuminate your room with the relaxing salt crystal light. The Salt lamp is ideal for office decorations, aesthetic room decorations, desk decorations, home decorations, bedroom decorations and much more! Can be used as adult night lights, kids night lights, or relaxing Friday night lights
  • Great gift idea for mom gifts, parrot gifts, Christmas gifts, gifts for men, gifts for women, gifts for coworkers and even for your roommate!
  • Each Himalayan salt lamp is a unique handcrafted one-off item. The rock lamp has a simple light switch to turn it on and off. The small lamp can quickly transform your room into a relaxing or romantic atmosphere.
  • Enjoy the Health Benefits of the Natural Properties of the Pink Himalayan Salt Lamps When the lights are on, the salt crystals and healing stones release ions into the air and can improve your mood, improve breathing, reduce stress, increase energy levels, improve sleep, reduce asthma and allergy symptoms.
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