Muzikkon 19 String Trinity Cèilidh Harp Mahogany


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19 String Trinity Cèilidh Harp Mahogany

Introducing the Cèilidh Harp collection. Leveraging Muzikkon’s years of harp-making expertise and passion for innovation, with the needs of the practical harpist in mind, this unique range is revolutionising the world of bardic harps, combining the best design features you could find in a compact instrument at a very competitive price:
  • Solid Mahogany body with Solid Spruce Soundboard
  • Excellent sound quality with their uniquely designed soundboard for great sound projection and premium NYLGUT® strings replicating the sound and feel of natural gut strings for a clear and balanced tone resonance with increased durability
  • Great playing ergonomics thanks to their shape and size, suitable to play comfortably with a strap (available separately) or with the addition of detachable screw-on legs.
  • High string tension and stable tuning in line with premium instrument standards
  • Fully levered, giving you access to a broad repertoire of music, enabling you to play in 8 major keys and their related minors, as well as allowing the use of accidental
  • High-end design with high-quality materials for robustness and durability
  • Compact, light and easily portable, perfect as a travel harp or harp therapy companion (functional carrying bag available separately)
  • Weight: 3.1kg
  • Height: with legs 42.5" (107.95 cm), without legs 31.5" (80 cm)
  • Detachable Legs
Whether you are a seasoned harpist or a complete beginner, you will love the Cèilidh’s fantastic sound, functionality and reliability, at par with the best instruments on the market. Its affordable price makes it a great choice as a first instrument, as a travel companion or as a harp therapy instrument.
We named it Cèilidh (pronounced kay-lee) as a tribute to the great music and company we believe it can bring everywhere it goes!
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