Top Quality Salt Lamps in Berlin, Germany

Musikhaus Prince offers top quality salt lamps in Berlin. Our amazing products are available with delivery across Germany. We have natural salt lamps available in a variety of designs, styles and sizes for every room of your property. Get natural Himalayan salt lamps in Berlin and rest of Germany at market competitive prices. These salt lamps are great for the aesthetic of your interior and also possess great anti-allergy properties as well. Use these as night lights and also keep all the allergens away at the same time. The fumes evaporated by heating the salt from inside helps settle down all allergic particles in the air of your home, office or any other interior. Call us today or place your orders here on the website to get your salt lamps delivered to your doorstep any time.

Variety of Designs, Styles and Sizes for Salt Lamps in Berlin

We have a large variety in designs, styles and sizes of salt lamps in Berlin available all year. Including those fancy USB salt lamps to the very beautiful custom crafted lamps, we have every design you need. Get natural salt lamps in your preferred sizes and benefit from their anti-allergic properties along with the exotic aesthetic they bring.

  • Natural Salt Lamps – Musikhaus Prince now offers leading natural salt lamps in Berlin. Delivery is available across Germany. Our variety of natural salt lamps includes different sizes ranging between 2-7 kgs of pure organic natural Himalayan rock salt.
  • Animal Lick Salt – We also sell large Himalayan rock salt pieces that are perfect for animal licking. If you have pets in the home, provide them something fun to lick. Get your animal lick rock salt delivered to your doorstep any time.
  • USB Salt Lamps – Small in size but big in light and anti-allergic properties, the USB salt lamps are perfect for any room of the house. These are plug and play. All you need is a device or charging socket with USB A output.
  • Crafted Lamps – If artistic designs are your thing, you will absolutely love our hand-crafted custom salt lamps. These lamps add aesthetic beauty to your rooms while also making the air a lot cleaner. Order yours now. New designs are coming up often.
  • Fire Bowl Salt Lamps – Himalayan rock salt is crafted in perfect fire bawl shapes. Get your fire bawl salt lamps to boost the aesthetic appeal of your dining table or any other shelf and table. We sell attractive fire bawl salt lamps at affordable prices in Berlin and rest of Germany.
  • Night Lamp – Get beautiful low light night lamps made from Himalayan rock salt. We have plug-in night lamp bulbs with perfect orange low light. Plug these in your bedrooms to enjoy beautiful dim light while your air gets cleansed at the same time.

Sturdy Salt Lamps Made from Quality Materials

Natural Himalayan salt lamps in Berlin are available that are made from sturdy materials. The whole rock salt piece is imported straight from Himalayan salt mines. These lamps from Musikhaus Prince come with very sturdy bottom stands and also durable electric wiring. Our sturdy Himalayan salt lamps are made to last long while keeping the air of your room clean and offering their characteristic orange or pink light. Market competitive prices with top materials quality make our products high value for money. Get salt lamps Berlin service of the highest quality. Doorstep delivery is available in Berlin and rest of Germany any day of the week all year.

Dim Light for Your Room and Health Benefits of Himalayan Salt Lamps

Himalayan salt is very therapeutic. It has anti-allergic properties. When heated from inside, it releases negatively charged ions in the air around it that cling onto dust and allergic particles. Doing this, these natural Himalayan salt lamps help rid the air from allergic dust and other hanging particles. This is also why you’d see more dust in rooms where these lamps are turned on. And yes, these lamps do not pull or attract any dust from the outside at all. So, get their dim pink light for any room to boost the aesthetic and also get the therapeutic benefits of Himalayan salt lamps in Berlin any time. Order today and get your fancy salt lamps delivered to your doorstep any time.

Beautifully Crafted Salt Lamps in Berlin with Shipping Across Germany

Musikhaus Prince sells some of the most beautiful Himalayan salt lamps in Berlin. We also offer shipping anywhere in Germany for any household, office, hotels, spas and any other requirements. Get your therapeutic salt lamps delivered to your doorstep any time you need. Our affordable prices and great attention to detail make our natural salt lamps the best products for every requirement. They will look good on any table, shelf or anywhere you need to place them. USB and plugin night salt lamps are the perfect products to bring a new dynamic to your interior designs. Get one for every room of the house to bring a unique night light for your property.

We Have Salt Lamps for Homes, Offices and All Other Interiors

Musikhaus Prince sells attractive Himalayan salt lamps in Berlin for every requirement. We have a large variety of designs, styles and sizes including the large natural salt lamps and smaller night lamps. Whether you want to place your salt lamp on the dinner table, the office table or any other shelf in the home or at the workspace, we have something perfect for your requirement. Our crafted lamps are attractive in aesthetic while bringing the therapeutic benefits of natural Himalayan salt as well. So, grab your therapy salt lamps at affordable prices any day of the week all year. We sell quality salt lamps in Germany made from long-lasting materials for every room of your property.